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Middle East

Label Catalog Number Description Region Country Release Date
Chant du Monde 2741123 Whirling Dervishes of Damascus Middle East 3/13/2012
harmonia mundi HMM 905279 Zabad - Twilight Tide - Latitudes Vol.5 Middle East 6/9/2017
World Village 479032 Maj‚z Middle East 6/8/2010
World Village 479036 A l'ombre des mots Middle East 2/9/2010
World Village 479084 Borders Behind Middle East 4/8/2014
Chant du Monde 7742367 …veil - Awakening - The art of oriental tanbur lute Middle East Iran 4/14/2015
Chant du Monde 8742259 The Sacred Lute - The Art of Ostad Elahi Middle East Iran 10/14/2014
harmonia mundi HMA 195388 Classical Traditions of Iran Middle East Iran 2/10/2015
harmonia mundi HMC 905273 Dawar - Latitudes Vol.1 Middle East Iran 2/10/2015
harmonia mundi HMC 905277 Hawniyaz - Latitudes Vol.2 Middle East Iran 8/12/2016
World Village 450031 Apikorsim Middle East Israel 11/4/2016
harmonia mundi HMM 902349 Syrian Dreams - Latitudes Vol.6 Middle East Syria 12/8/2017