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Label Catalog Number Description Region Country Release Date
Channel Classics CCS SA 80507 Magical Flute of China - Portrait of Dizi Master Asia China 9/11/2007
Channel Classics CCS SA 80607 Tug at China's Heartstrings Asia China 9/11/2007
Channel Classics CCSSA 80908 Chinese Lieder Asia China 8/12/2008
harmonia mundi HMC 902229 Overtones - Les Saisons Harmoniques - Latitudes Vol.3 Asia China 8/12/2016
Wigmore Hall Live WHLIVE 0047 Indian Classical Ragas - Raga Shyam Shree, Raga Pilu, Raga Kirwani Asia India 10/2/2007
World Village 450016 Together Asia India 9/13/2011
Real World Records LPRW 15 Mustt Mustt Asia Pakistan 7/28/2017
Real World Records LPRW 3 Shahen Shah Asia Pakistan 7/28/2017
Ponderosa 003 Stepmother City Asia Tuva 10/1/2002
Ponderosa 016 Who stole the sky? Asia Tuva 4/1/2004
Ponderosa CD 131 Like A Bird Or Spirit, Not A Face Asia Tuva 1/8/2016