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South America

Label Catalog Number Description Region Country Release Date
World Village 468090 Trova South America 12/8/2009
Channel Classics CCS SA 21904 A Life of Tango South America Argentina 1/11/2005
Chant du Monde 2742316 La Yumba - Masters of Tango South America Argentina 9/10/2013
Chant du Monde 2742353 Argentina! Tango Legends South America Argentina 7/8/2014
World Village 479089 Linyera South America Argentina 4/8/2014
Chant du Monde 2742347 Brazil! The Birth of Bossa Nova South America Brazil 7/8/2014
Chant du Monde 2742394 Rio Bossa South America Brazil 10/7/2016
Chant du Monde 2742397 Rio Samba South America Brazil 10/7/2016
Le Label PIASL 056 Sonho Real South America Brazil 2/17/2017
World Village 479100 Cajueiro South America Brazil 9/9/2014
World Village 450028 Tigres en Fuga South America Peru 7/8/2014
World Village 450030 Impredecible South America Peru 11/13/2015