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Label Catalog Number Description Region Country Release Date
Jazz Village JV 33570082 Film Of Life Remixes Africa 5/12/2015
Jazz Village JV 570032 Film of Life Africa 10/14/2014
Real World Records CDRW 217 République Amazone Africa 3/31/2017
Real World Records LPRW 217 République Amazone Africa 3/31/2017
World Village 479071 Anthologie Africa Algeria 1/8/2013
World Village 479094 Tresors de la musique judeo-arabe Africa Algeria 6/10/2014
Real World Records CDRWG 52 Emotion Africa Congo 2/1/2017
Real World Records LPRW 52 Emotion Africa Congo 7/28/2017
Orange Mountain OMM 0053 The Two Worlds Africa Gambia 10/14/2008
Real World Records LPRW 42 En Mana Kuoyo Africa Kenya 7/28/2017
Ponderosa CD 018 Diario Mali Africa Mali 5/9/2006
World Village 33479113 Rebirth Africa Mali 7/10/2015
World Village 468021 Foly! Live Around the World Africa Mali 1/1/2004
World Village 479052 Aratan N Azawad Africa Mali 6/14/2011
World Village 479070 Kel Tamasheq Africa Mali 10/9/2012
World Village 479113 Rebirth Africa Mali 7/10/2015
Howe Records HWR 1009 The Road to Jajouka - A Benefit Album Africa Morocco 9/10/2013
Real World Records LPRW 14 Exile Africa Uganda 7/28/2017