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Label Catalog Number Description Release Date    
Channel Classics CCS 34813 Around Prague - Music of Ponc, Schimmerling, Burian, Hába & Ullman 7/9/2013    
Channel Classics CCS SA 23206 Brink 8/8/2006    
harmonia mundi HMU 807527 Stories - Berio and friends - Berio: A-Ronne; Berberian: Stripsody; Frank: As I Was Saying; Cage: Story; Marsh: Not a Soul but Ourselves...; Mac Low: The Turtle Asymmetries 5/10/2011    
LSO Live The Panufnik Legacies II - Ward: P-p-paranoia; Putt: Spiral; Parker: Captured; Ashton: Spindrift; Moriarty: Granular Fragments; Ogonek: as though birds; Chadburn: Brown Leather Sofa; El-Turk: Tmesis; Kaner: The Calligrapher's Manuscript 4/8/2016    
Onyx Classics ONYX 4024 Borrowed Time 10/9/2007    
Orange Mountain OMM 0015 The Kitchen Archives Vol.1- New Music New York 1979 7/1/2004    
Orange Mountain OMM 0088 The Kitchen Archives Vol.6 - The Kitchen Improvises 1976-1983 8/14/2015    
Orange Mountain OMM 0046 The Kitchen Archives Vol.4 - Composers Inside Electronics 8/14/2007    
Orange Mountain OMM 0113 Concerto for Violin, Rock Band & String Orchestra; Adams: Road Movies; Glass: Symphony No.3 1/20/2017    
Orange Mountain OMM 0070 The Kitchen Archives Vol.5 - Pianos in The Kitchen 7/12/2011    
Orange Mountain OMM 0024 The Kitchen Archives Vol.3 - Amplified: New Music Meets Rock, 1981-1986 6/13/2006    
Orange Mountain OMM 0107 New Generations - Etudes of Philip Glass and Music of the Next Generation 1/8/2016    
SFS Media SFS 0056 American Mavericks - Cowell: Synchrony, Piano Concerto; Harrison: Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra; Varèse: Amériques 11/13/2012