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Label Catalog Number Description Release Date    
Hyperion CDA 67146 Organ Dreams 2 6/1/2000    
Hyperion CDA 68214 Organ Fireworks World Tour - Johnson: Trumpet Tune in D; Lemare: Concert Fantasia; Bossi: Pièce héroïque in D minor; Lefébure-Wély: Sortie in E flat; Alain: Litanies; Cocker: Tuba Tune; Reubke: Sonata on the 94th Psalm - Fugue: Allegro; Liszt: Prelude and 4/28/2017    
Hyperion CDA 68129 Power of Life 6/9/2015    
Hyperion CDA 67577 Organ Fireworks XI 9/12/2006    
Hyperion CDA 67758 Organ Fireworks XIV 10/12/2010    
Hyperion CDA 67458 Organ Fireworks X 2/1/2004    
Hyperion CDA 67734 Organ Fireworks XIII 5/12/2009    
Hyperion CDA 67612 Organ Fireworks XII 2/12/2008    
harmonia mundi HMA 195760 Organs of Provence 4/10/2007    
harmonia mundi HMA 1951218 Chants de l'Eglise de Rome 10/1/2003