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Label Catalog Number Description Release Date    
Aparté AP 114 Inspirations 9/9/2016    
Aparté AP 158 Vocalises 12/1/2017    
Channel Classics CCS 4192 Smart Went Crazy 7/1/1997    
Channel Classics CCS 38717 Pitch Black - Various: Pulcinella Suite 2.0; Berio: Call (St. Louis Fanfare); Albéniz: Asturias, Cataluña, Sevilla; MacMillan: A New Song; Jacob TV: Pitch Black for ghetto-blaster & brass quintet; Bartók: Romanian Folk Dances 3/24/2017    
Channel Classics CCS SA 36315 Tintomara - Rabe: Tintomara; Purcell: Sound the Trumpet; Damase: Trio; Padding: One Trumpet; Ravel: Passacaille; Maier: Slipstream; Michel: Eastwind 2/10/2015    
Channel Classics CCSSA 25508 Timbrando 8/12/2008    
Channel Classics CCS SA 34014 Music for Horn - Brahms: Horn Trio; Schumann: Adagio & Allegro; Reinecke: Trio 4/8/2014    
Channel Classics CCS SA 35613 Old, New & Blue 12/10/2013    
Channel Classics CCS SA 31811 On The Road 1/10/2012    
Channel Classics CCS 9796 Anxiety of Influence 7/1/1997    
Channel Classics CCS 37716 Chant d'Automne - Hartmann: Concertino; Grunelius: Chant d’Automne; Hindemith: Trumpet Sonata; Fischer: Eine Deutsch-Jiddische Kantate 9/23/2016    
Channel Classics CCS SA 26909 I was like Wow! 5/12/2009    
Hyperion CDH 55192 Italian Baroque Trumpet Music 5/10/2005    
Hyperion CDH 55018 From the Steeples to the Mountains - American Music for Brass 8/1/1999