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Music Category page

Label Catalog Number Description Release Date    
Alia Vox AV 9815 Bataglie e Lamenti 2/1/2001    
Channel Classics CCS SA 30109 Sehnsucht 1/12/2010    
Channel Classics CCS SA 23306 In Love 9/12/2006    
Channel Classics CCS SA 29008 Holland-America Line 1/13/2009    
Channel Classics CCS SA 27308 Beloved & Beautiful 12/9/2008    
Channel Classics CCS SA 26807 Music of the Comedian Harmonists 2/12/2008    
Channel Classics CG 06013 Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal 11/14/2006    
Channel Classics CCS SA 18902 Gentlemen of the Chapel Royal 2/1/2003    
Channel Classics CCS SA 22405 Lux Aeterna - Choral Music by Duruflé, Poulenc & Messiaen 6/14/2005    
Channel Classics CCS SA 32812 Nordic Sounds 2 10/9/2012    
Gimell CDGIM 213 Perfect Polyphony - Peter Phillips' Favourite Recordings of Renaissance Polyphony 9/11/2015    
Gimell CDGIM 205 Requiem - Works by Victoria, Lôbo & Cardoso 10/11/2005    
Gimell CDGIM 210 Tudor Church Music Vol.2 11/11/2008    
Gimell CDGIM 201 Essential Tallis Scholars 9/1/2003    
Gimell CDGIM 998 Live in Oxford 12/1/2001    
Gimell CDGIM 204 The Tallis Scholars Sing Palestrina 3/8/2005    
Hyperion CDA 66898 French Cathedral Music 2/1/1997    
Hyperion CDH 55436 Passiontide at St Paul's - A sequence of music for Lent, Passiontide and Easter 3/13/2012    
Hyperion CDP 12104 The English Hymn Vol.4 7/1/2003    
Hyperion CDH 55243 All in the April Evening 12/12/2006    
Hyperion CDA 67929 American Polyphony 7/10/2015    
Hyperion CDA 67868 Music for Henry V and the House of Lancaster 9/13/2011    
Hyperion WCC 100 Music of Westminster Cathedral Choir 11/1/1998    
Hyperion CDA 68013 Rejoice, the Lord is king! 1/14/2014    
Hyperion CDA 67792 O praise the Lord - Restoration Music from Westminster Abbey 4/13/2010    
Hyperion CDA 67483 The English Anthem Vol.8 2/8/2005    
Hyperion SACDA 67600 Fire Burning in Snow 2/12/2008    
Hyperion CDA 67524 Moon, sun & all things - Baroque Music from Latin America Vol.2 10/11/2005    
Hyperion CDA 68167 Finzi: My lovely one Op.27 No.1, God is gone up Op.27 No.2, Welcome sweet and sacred feast Op.27 No.3, Let us now praise famous men Op.35, Lo the full final sacrifice Op.26, Magnificat Op.36; Arnold Bax: I sing of a maiden that is makeless, This worldes j 1/27/2017    
Hyperion CDA 66928 Ikon I - Russian Choral Music 6/1/1997    
Hyperion CDH 55445 Hear my prayer 7/9/2013    
Hyperion CDA 67747 Baltic Exchange - Choral Works by Praulinš, Einfelde, Sisask & Miškinis 2/9/2010    
Hyperion CDP 12105 The English Hymn Vol.5 9/14/2004    
Hyperion CDA 67600 Fire Burning in Snow 2/12/2008    
Hyperion CDP 12102 The English Hymn Vol.2 - Jerusalem the Golden - Great hymn tunes of the nineteenth century 2/1/2001    
Hyperion CDA 67832 Beyond all Mortal Dreams 7/12/2011    
Hyperion CDA 68114 Brazilian Adventures 11/13/2015    
Hyperion CDA 66850 Exultate Deo - Masterpieces of Sacred Polyphony 2/1/1996    
Hyperion CDA 67938 Miserere - A sequence of music for Lent, St.Joseph, and the Annunciation 1/8/2013    
Hyperion CDA 67398 St. Paul's Remembrance 10/1/2003    
Hyperion HYP 41 Dreamland 10/13/2009    
Hyperion CDP 12101 The English Hymn Vol.1 - Christ Triumphant - Great hymn tunes of the twentieth century 12/1/1999    
Hyperion CDA 68020 Music for Remembrance 10/14/2014    
Hyperion CDH 55402 My Spirit Hath Rejoiced 6/14/2011    
Hyperion CDA 68140 English Romantic Madrigals 5/27/2016    
Hyperion CDA 66669 Panis Angelicus - Favorite Motets from Winchester Cathedral 1/1/1994    
Hyperion CDA 67643 Feast of St Michael & All Angels at Westminster Abbey 9/11/2007    
Hyperion CDH 55291 A Song for Francesca - Music in Italy, 1330-1430 9/13/2011    
Hyperion CDA 67680 Feast of the Ascension at Westminster Abbey 5/13/2008    
Hyperion CDH 55036 Praise to the Lord - Hymns from St. Paul's 10/1/1999    
Hyperion CDA 68058 Canticles from St. Paul's Cathedral, London 8/12/2014    
Hyperion CDH 55401 My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord 10/12/2010    
harmonia mundi HMM 902265 Reformation 1517-2017 - Luther: Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott, Mit Freud und Freud ich fahr dahin; Bach, J.S.: Cantatas BWV79 & 80 (Arr. W.F. Bach); Crüger: Nun danket alle Gott; Neumark: Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten; Mendelssohn: Wer nur den lieb 9/29/2017    
harmonia mundi HMA 1951021 Jewish Baroque Music 7/1/2001    
harmonia mundi HMM 907688 Pange lingua - Music for Corpus Christi - Josquin des Prez: Missa Pange lingua; Finzi: Lo, the full, final Sacrifice 5/5/2017    
harmonia mundi HMU 907654 Remembrance - Duruflé: Requiem; Tavener: Song for Athene; Elgar: They are at rest; Farrant: Call to remembrance; Tomkins: When David Heard; Anonymous: Kontakion of the Dead; Ramsey: How are the mighty fallen; Harris: Bring us, O Lord God; Monk: Abide with 10/21/2016    
harmonia mundi HMU 807518 Requiem 3/10/2009    
harmonia mundi HMU 807650 Sing with the Voice of Melody 6/9/2015    
harmonia mundi HMU 807525 Sing Freedom! - African-American Spirituals 9/13/2011    
harmonia mundi HMU 907655 Haec Dies - Music for Easter - Anonymous: Resurrexi, Haec dies, Victimae paschali laudes, Terra tremuit; Bassano: Dic nobis Maria; Byrd: Haec dies; Lassus: Aurora lucis rutilat; Matthew Martin: Haec dies; Palestrina: Terra tremuit; Scheidt: Surrexit Chris 3/4/2016    
harmonia mundi HMW 906103 Refuge from the Flames - Miserere and the Savonarola Legacy - Allegri: Miserere; Savonarola: Iesu sommo conforto, Alma che si gentile, Che fai qui core?; Bettini: Ecce quam bonum; Verdelot: Letamini in Domino; Byrd: Infelix ego; Ešenvalds: Infelix ego; Ri 9/23/2016    
harmonia mundi HMU 907623 Ascendit Deus - Music for Ascensiontide & Pentecost 3/10/2015    
harmonia mundi HMA 195389 Musique Arabo-Andalouse 3/9/2010    
harmonia mundi HMU 907617 Requiem - Music for All Saints & All Souls 10/9/2015    
harmonia mundi HMU 807554 Tune thy Musicke to Thy Hart 2/14/2012    
harmonia mundi HMA 1951256 Polyphonic Chants of Corsica 3/9/2010    
harmonia mundi HAF 8905283 Un Jardin a l'Italienne - Airs, Cantates & Madrigaux 10/20/2017    
harmonia mundi HMX 2908727 A Musical Journey into the English Renaissance 10/9/2015    
harmonia mundi HMM 905284 Many are the Wonders - Tallis: Archbishop Parker's Psalter, O sacrum convivium, If ye love me, Videte miraculum, Loquebantur variis linguis, O nata lux, Te lucis ante terminum; Stucky: O sacrum convivium; Allain: Videte miraculum; Andrew: Archbishop Parke 7/21/2017    
harmonia mundi HMU 807637 Pablo Neruda - The Poet Sings - Ratcliff: Ode to Common Things; Kirchner: Tu sangre en la mía, Tu voz; Grantham: La canción desperada 9/11/2015    
harmonia mundi HMC 801954 A 40 Voix 2/13/2007    
harmonia mundi HMU 907534 A Company of Voices - Conspirare in Concert 5/12/2009    
harmonia mundi HMW 906102 Upheld by Stillness 2/19/2016    
King's College Easter From King's 4/14/2015    
King's College English Hymn Anthems 3/10/2015    
King's College After Hours 7/8/2014    
King's College Evensong Live 2016 7/8/2016    
King's College Hymns from King's 6/10/2016    
Rubicon Classics RCD 1004 Before the Ending of the Day 4/28/2017