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John Mark Ainsley - Discography

Label Catalog Number Description Release Date  
Hyperion CDA 66361 Handel: Acis & Galatea 4/1/1990  
Hyperion CDA 66655 Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem, Four Hymns, Toward the Unknown Region, O Clap Your Hands, Lord Thou Hast Been Our Refuge 2/1/1994  
Hyperion CDA 66878 Quilter: Songs 10/1/1996  
Hyperion CDA 66938 Warlock: The Curlew. Capriol. Serenade. Songs 11/1/1997  
Hyperion CDA 67008 Lloyd Webber, W.S.: Piano Music, Chamber Music, Songs 9/1/1998  
Hyperion CDA 67168 Vaughan Williams: Songs. Along the Field. On Wenlock Edge 10/1/2000  
Hyperion CDA 67171 Handel: Joseph & his Brethren 11/1/1996  
Hyperion CDA 67261 Ireland: Songs 7/1/1999  
Hyperion CDA 67333 Fauré: Complete Songs Vol.1 - Fauré: Au bord de l'eau 2/8/2005  
Hyperion CDA 67334 Fauré: Complete Songs Vol.2 - Fauré: Un paysage choisi 5/10/2005  
Hyperion CDA 67335 Fauré: Complete Songs Vol.3 - Fauré: Chanson d'amour 8/9/2005  
Hyperion CDA 68172 Swann: A collection of songs, Five colourisations of Emily Dickinson, Two sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Stopping by woods, Two poems by Thomas Hardy, Four lyrics from In memoriam, Two poems by Christina Rossetti, Dark rose of my heart, An invite to 6/30/2017  
Hyperion CDD 22058 Britten: Purcell Realizations 7/11/2006  
Hyperion CDH 55433 Grainger: Jungle Book 2/8/2011  
Hyperion CDH 55479 Beethoven: Early Cantatas 8/12/2014